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Hall Bathroom Overflow in Palmdale, CA

In this two-story Palmdale home, water from a toilet overflowed a hall bathroom on the second story of the home. In consequence, it damaged said bathroom along ... READ MORE

Contaminated Water Overflow in Upland

In this Upland home a blockage in a hallway bathroom caused water to overflow one bathroom, three bedrooms, a hallway, as well as a hallway closet. Our team pac... READ MORE

Efforts to Put out a Fire in Neighboring Apartment Cause Water Damage in Glendale, CA

A neighboring apartment complex to this Glendale apartment unfortunately caught on fire and in an effort to put it out the water utilized seeped into the unit d... READ MORE

Leaking Kitchen Faucet in Chino, CA

In this Chino home, water was leaking from a kitchen faucet and making its way to the cabinets as well as the flooring below. In consequence, the moisture cause... READ MORE

Clogged Drain on Garage Roof in Duarte, CA

The cause of loss in this Duarte residence was a clogged drain within a flat garage roof that consequently allowed rain water to pool and leak down into the gar... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak in Corona, CA

A leaking water heater caused damage to the hall, living room, hallway closet, and garage of a Corona home. The affected materials (such as carpet seen in the i... READ MORE

Water Slab Leak in Fountain Valley, CA

This flooded bedroom in Fountain Valley, CA was the result of a water leak in the slab. We had to pack out the contents of the entire room prior to removing the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Dana Point

After heavy rains and a roof leak, the walls of this Dana Point residence were saturated with water and filled with mold. We set up a secured containment immedi... READ MORE